EVS20 - Basic

A new concept for remote service using EVS20 customized application, that is easy to install over android and IOS systems.


  • Instant 24/7 access to our technical expert.
  • Audio-video live streaming connection with our experts.
  • Interactive communication through augmented reality, where experts can point out certain fields on real images or videos from the site.
  • Access to our technical library; machines manuals, technical drawings, etc.
  • History of all support calls reports.
  • Spare parts online ordering
EVS20 - Thermal

A basic version of EVS20 with Temperature Monitoring Ability.


  • All EVS20 basic benefits.
  • Diagnosing machines defect by monitoring the temperature of the critical parts.
  • Possible monitoring of human body temperature for health related applications.
  • Adjusting temperature set points based on used field.
  • Data log available.
EVS20 - Advanced

A basic version of EVS20 with Augmented Reality Features.


  • All EVS20 basic benefits.
  • Preventive maintenance and periodic checklists using AR together with AI.
  • Offering a customized application based on each industry, giving a relevant guidance for the technical team.
  • A daily maintenance report to the Maintenance supervisor; no need for paper work any more.
  • Stock Management: Automatic ordering of spare parts based on inspection report, after getting customer approval.